Dance IQ Studio Calendar 2020-2021

August 17th, Monday — 10-Month Dance Season Begins

September 7, Monday — Studio Closed - Labor Day

October 31, Saturday — Halloween - Studio Closes at 6:00 p.m.

November 25- 29, Wed. - Sat. — Studio Closed - Thanksgiving Break

December 19, Saturday — Studio Closes - Winter Break

Dec. 19 - Jan. 4, 2021 Saturday. - Mon. — Studio Closed - Winter Break

January 5, Tuesday — Classes Resume

March 20-27, Sat. - Sat. — Studio Closed - Spring Break

June 2021 Dance Concert (DTBD)

June 2021 Mary Poppin’s JR. (DTBD)

Please note:
* Dance IQ follows Broward County Schools Calendar for holidays and school closures.
** Each class is guaranteed to meet 35 times within the 10-Month Dance Season (Aug. 17-May 31st). Holidays and breaks have been considered. As some months have 5 weeks, the months with less weeks due to holidays evens out. Therefore, there will be no deduction or proration in tuition or makeups offered for months with holidays/breaks. 
*** Make-up classes are available if offered in the schedule and must be scheduled within 2 months from date of missed class, within the 10-Month Dance Season. A student MUST BE enrolled at the studio to do makeups.
**** Classes may be canceled due to events beyond our control (such as hurricanes, hurricane watches and power outages) and there will be no refunds for missed classes. If a pandemic closes the studio for a significant amount of time, Zoom will be offered as an alternative or a prorated refund will be given to families.