Meet the Founder and Director

Alisa Jacob has taught dance for over 30 years.

Alisa studied and performed professionally in Barcelona, Spain. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Alisa taught tap, jazz, and ballet in London, England. Her studies eventually brought her to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where she completed her Bachelors of Arts in Broadcast Journalism and Dance in 1992 and her Master of Arts in Dance Education in 2017.

Love and life finally brought Alisa to São Paulo, Brazil where she and her husband resided with two beautiful sons until 2001. Alisa and her family eventually moved to Miami and then Plantation, where she lives today. Alisa speaks English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

Alisa is a certified instructor for BodyMind Dancing™ somatic dance education. She has a Masters of Arts in Dance Education and is an active member of the National Dance Education Organization. Her experience in higher education includes dance instructor of tap and hip-hop at Florida International University from 2002-2006 and K-12 dance director, after-school musical theater director, and choreographer at a American Heritage School in Plantation from 2009–2017.

Alisa established Dance IQ to focus on the creativity and artistry of dance through a non-competitive, all-inclusive, and safe establishment for children and adults to evolve mentally and physically. Through the model of Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, Alisa will help each student develop and recognize his or her bodily-kinesthetic, visual-spatial, and musical-rhythmic intelligences.

Alisa established Dance IQ to focus on the creativity and artistry of dance through a non-competitive, all-inclusive, and safe establishment for children and adults to evolve mentally and physically.Dance IQ Philosophy
Katy Audette

A native of South Florida, Katy began her serious ballet training at the age of 12, with Marianna Alvarez-Brake of New World School of the Arts and continued with Leigh/Franklin Academy, on scholarship, for 5 years. While there, Katy was selected to be a part of a 4 year Intensive Teacher Training Program, learning the syllabus of American Ballet Theatre. Having performed in a wide array of venues, from musical theatre and modeling, to classical ballet, Katy enjoyed most of her professional career with Orlando Ballet. In 1988, Katy was offered a position as Ballet Director/Ballet Mistress at Dance Dimensions in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While there, she trained countless dancers for their own professional career, and set numerous works for the school. While working with their home company, Fort Lauderdale Children’s Ballet Theatre, Katy choreographed and re-staged, “Cinderella”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Coppelia” and her own original choreography of “Snow White.” Over the last 4 years, Katy taught ballet for Westminster Academy, Worship Arts School of Dance and Musical Theatre, as well as, Southern Dance Theatre and Muse School of the Arts. Katy has additionally worked one on one with disabled children, was an adjunct faculty member for Broward College, Creative Consultant and Choreographer for costume and dancewear companies, and has given master classes locally, and for Carolina Ballet, Sarasota Ballet and Pennsylvania Dance Company and School.

Seth Gordon

A Nevada native, Seth Harris has never been a stranger to the spotlight. Growing up in the bright lights of Las Vegas and attending weekly shows with his parents, Seth created an intense passion for the world of entertainment. From the early age of eight, he began to nurture his passion through freestyle dance all on his own by emulating anything and everything he saw in music videos, at concerts, and television shows like Soul Train. He was majorly inspired by artists like Michael Jackson, James Brown, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Usher, and dance groups such as the famous Electric Boogaloos, The Original Lockers, and New York City Breakers Seth continued to develop his skills in the arts as a dance major in college, signed with Icon Talent Agency and began landing significant jobs with renown celebrities such as Ne-Yo, Pitbull, Sugar Hill Gang, Sean Kingston, One Direction, Ciara, and DJ Khaled, and Rihanna. He is an active entertainer and performer based here in South Florida and enjoys staying loyal to the community by giving back through teaching classes and workshops to dancers of all levels and ages, while inspiring them to follow their dreams, challenge themselves, and never waste their talent!

Staci Vankannel

Staci Ann Vernal graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance Performance. During and after college, I had the opportunity to train and perform with David Parsons, Martha Graham Dance Company, ODC San Francisco, Shapiro and Smith, and The Liz Lerman Dance Exchange. I have been teaching all genres of dance for 15 years throughout FL, NY, MD, VA, and Washington DC. After college I trained in NYC for 3 years at Peridance Center International Dance School while teaching ballet, modern, tap, jazz, and hip hop at Westchester Dance Academy. While teaching in DC I spent 2 years performing with Ari-Den Dance company. Before moving back to Florida I was teaching for Joy of Motion, CityDance, YMCA, and The Sheridan School. where I worked in the after school program. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to teach our youth and share my passion for the art of dance.

Zedric Bembry

National Award Winning Live in Color Dance Collective is a culturally diverse dance company comprised of remarkable talented, captivating and vivacious individuals. The dance ensemble is a true representation of life as it is displays a mixture of Caribbean, African, Latin, Urban cultures, as well as a diverse range of ages. Under the direction of Zedric Bembry, LICDC has been able to attain well-deserved recognition dazzling the nation with their unique, crowd-pleasing performances. Through his fierce, jazzy, cutting-edge, energetic footwork and rhythmic body movements, Zedric has infused a new flavor into the hip-hop industry; a creation he terms “Urban Funk”

Our Core Values

We Foster Education

Dance requires the individual to be focused and present while feeling the freedom of movement through space. The dancer will experience empowerment, confidence, and creative knowledge while aesthetically communicating through movement. At Dance IQ we value children and adults for who they are today and the potential for teamwork, cooperation, compromise and willingness to grow.

We Pursue Excellence

Dance IQ is based on a curriculum created by a Dance Education Specialist. Dance IQ is a dance center aimed at creative and composition-based movement. Dance IQ’s mission is to bring an inclusive program to all children combining creativity, a sociocultural theoretical framework, brain-based dance, and community through the art of dance.

We are all-inclusive

At Dance IQ we value an all-inclusive, student-centered approach to teaching dance. At Dance IQ the student is the owner of his or her movement and creation.

We Create Fun

Dance IQ uses interactive movement to deepen the cognitive and kinesthetic learning experience of children and adults. The studio’s intention is to unite all children through dance while creating 21st century learners, leaders, and future choreographers.