Membership 2021-2022


Free extra rehearsals. Recital is mandatory!

Musical Theater Annual Performance
2 Hr. weekly rehearsal $170 per month. Recital fee applies.

Dance Company (by invitation) Unlimited
1-1.5-hour Classes (3 core classes mandatory) $350 per month. 
Includes one (1) costume per child for recital. Extra costumes fees.
Sr. Dance Co. (12-18 yrs.)
Jr. Dance Co. (6-11 yrs.)

Dance Co. À la Carte (by invitation)

Contemporary (required) (1.5 hr.) and 2 of the following: tap, jazz, hip-hop, ballet (1.5 hr.).
Dance Co. class is FREE! Recital fee applies.

*11-12-month CONTRACT required. Membership includes 15% off all non-member classes, summer camp, birthday parties and free t-shirt upon enrollment!


Recital is optional. Must decide by Feb. 2022.

$500 (45min. - 1.5 hr.) / MAX 4 PEOPLE
add $75 extra per family member.
Excludes Musical Theater.

Adult Single
$300 (45min. - 1.5 hr.) 

Recreational Unlimited PLUS - (45min -1.5 hr.)
Classes $300 per month. Excludes Musical Theater.
Recital fee may apply.

Recreational Unlimited- 45 Min.-1-hour Classes $199 per month. Recital fee may apply.


*11-12 month CONTRACT required.  **Performance fees may apply.


Membership- 15% off ALL CLASSES, Summer Camp, birthday parties & FREE t-shirt upon enrollment.*


Ballet, creative-movement (brain-based), jazz, hip-hop, tap
$80.75 (45min. - 1 hr.)

$120 (1.5 hr.)

$120 (1.5 hr.)

*11-12 month CONTRACT required.  **Performance fees may apply.

No contract with a 2-week withdrawal on the 14th of PRIOR month. Strictly enforced!

Recreational classes-ballet, creative-movement (brain-based), jazz, hip-hop, tap
$95 per month (45min. - 1 hr.)

$140per month (1.5 hr.)

$140 per month (1.5 hr.)

NO contract with a 2-week withdrawal on the 14th of PRIOR month. Strictly enforced! Sibling Discount 5% only for Non-Members.

*11-12 MONTH CONTRACT (90-day written notice for withdrawal (March 2022) BEFORE AUTO RENEWAL)
**Musical Theater performance (contract begins before auditions).
11-12 MONTH CONTRACT (RECREATIONAL MAY BE PRORATED BY THE MONTH) (90-day written notice by March 2022 for withdrawal BEFORE AUTO RENEWAL) Recital Decision by Feb. 2022

All prices shown are payable in U.S. dollars, and are subject to change at any time without notice. Dance IQ shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.


Membership Plans and/or packages require a 11-12 month commitment contract:
Financed in 11-12 months an Automatic debit will occur the 1st of every month. Auto Renewal of Membership at the end of 11-12 months. All Automatic Renewal cancellation requests must be made at least ninety (90) business days prior to the date of your scheduled membership renewal charge.

Auto Renewal of membership occurs by August 16TH. Monthly tuition will roll over from your previous contract unless told differently. The one-time registration fee is good ONLY for families that keep their membership current. I must give a 90 day written withdrawal notice with Dance IQ acknowledgment prior to withdrawing my dancer from ACTIVE status,  although I will be financially responsible for the remaining months balance & the $50 registration fee if returning in the future. A 90-day written withdrawal notice prior to renewal of contract is needed if you DO NOT want to renew your contract.

A Credit Card MUST be kept on file. No refunds, credits or transfers.

Non-Membership or Classes by the month:
Sibling discounts apply 5%.
An Automatic debit will occur the 1st of every month.
A 2-week cancellation notice must be given on the 14th of the PRIOR month in order to cancel classes.
No refunds, credits, or transfers.

If you enroll in classes IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MONTH you will be charged tuition at a prorated price.

Makeups are only allowed for registered students within 2 months of missed class(es).

Membership & Non-Membership:
A one-time non-refundable $50 registration fee (per family) is due upon enrollment.
Dance IQ membership is not transferable to another student/sibling.
If you leave the studio a registration fee is due again if you return.

Tuition is due on the 1st of the month and considered late on the 10th. A $15.00 late charge fee will be added to accounts not paid by the 10th.

Disney's Peter Pan Jr.

Class Schedule 2021 -2022 Season

Class may be cancelled due to events beyond our control such as power outages or Hurricanes and Hurricane Watches. There are no refunds/credits for missed classes. There are no refunds or credits given for classes missed due to illness, holiday, vacation or when the studio is closed due to weather. If governmental closure is mandatory due to the pandemic, your account will be frozen at NO CHARGE and credit will be given when studio resumes classes. If we offer classes though Zoom you may choose to continue classes instead of makeups.

If governmental closure is mandatory due to the pandemic, your account will be frozen at NO CHARGE and credit will be given. For example, closure in September 15th you will receive a credit (2 weeks) for the remainder of the month either towards Zoom or makeups when the studio resumes classes. The remaining installments of the membership program WILL NOT BE CHARGED or owed. This applies to Homeschool families as well. If you paid your membership in a LUMP SUM, you WILL HAVE A PRORATED REFUND OF YOUR TOTAL MEMBERSHIP! ** The prorated refund is valid for summer camp as well.